Free Full Size Samples

I love free products, samples, free trials and freebies in general. Locating and sharing this free stuff is one of the main reasons why I started Moms Rewards back in 2000. Wow, it amazes me how time flies.. 12 years now, online! Anyway, back to the topic: free full size samples. Is there such a thing? Well, though they may be few and far between, they are definitely real. Sure, we are used to the usual smaller sized sampling of products.. the one-serving or one-day use freebies. They are great too, I’m not knocking them! However, when Allure gives away free samples, they are the full-sized deal and not to be missed! At, you can register to win hundreds of dollars worth of free, quality, beauty tools. That’s not all.. they offer weekly free sample giveaways for you to participate in. This would be a great site to register with, bookmark and visit weekly, if you don’t already. I created a folder on my bookmark toolbar specifically for sites like this, that I want to visit more regularly. Remember, you can get the freebies, unless you sign up for them!
Have fun!

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